Natasha & Caelán – Castillo San Cristobal and Antiguo Casino de Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Castillo San Cristobal Wedding

Natasha & CaelAn’s Wedding at Castillo San Cristobal and Antiguo Casino de Puerto Rico Saying ‘I Do’ in the Shadow of History: A Wedding at Castillo San Cristobal  “Castillo San Cristobal Provided The Perfect Setting For This Beautiful Celebration” The preparation of Natasha and Caelán in the heart of Old San Juan at Hotel El […]

Jardines del Castillo – A Wedding Full of Candid Moments

Jardines del Castillo Wedding

“A trending Puerto Rico Wedding Venue for couples how loves boho look” Jardines del Castillo; A Trending Puerto Rico Wedding Venue The ceremony was carried out in a Puerto Rico wedding venue, Jardines del Castillo, under the evening light that bathed the orchids and the colossal Flamboyán branches. A whitish blue, transparent and diaphanous sky stretched […]

Boho Wedding at Jardines del Castillo

Jardines del Castillo Wedding

“JARDINES DEL CASTILLO IS ONE OF THE FAVORITE VENUE FOR RUSTIC AND BOHO STYLE LOVERS”   SMALL WEDDINGS ARE THE NEW TREND Beyond these difficult times, two people’s desire to commit is stronger. This year, a couple’s plans to get married did not end, just adjust to present. In Puerto Rico, the wedding suppliers have […]