“A trending Puerto Rico Wedding Venue for couples how loves boho look”

Jardines del Castillo; A Trending Puerto Rico Wedding Venue

The ceremony was carried out in a Puerto Rico wedding venue, Jardines del Castillo, under the evening light that bathed the orchids and the colossal Flamboyán branches. A whitish blue, transparent and diaphanous sky stretched out over the day. The attending guests, some of them with face-masks that matched their gala costumes, started filling every corner of Jardines del Castillo in the arranged seats.
Green and brown colors, like mother nature’s hosting colors, filled the place with whispers of good luck. The joy in people’s eyes, the birds chirping in the trees, the mountain breeze making its way along the stone paths, and the light bulb garlands swaying in the wind, were almost cinematic elements giving the wedding an opportunity for serenity and the unforgettable.

Groom and Bride Happiest Day; A Dream Wedding Come True

The photographs began with the bride, whose spontaneous beauty and presence, like a fountain of autonomous root, stood out in the white of the rooms and in the walnut frames, under the kiss of the setting sun. Holding a bouquet of white roses while smiling towards the future, she seems to bet everything on perseverance and happiness. This is the reason she works in modeling, a discipline and at the same time an innate gift. Her tender personality can be seen in the glow in her eyes.

The groom, José, is a costume merchant for artists in Santurce. Like Gianni Versace, he prefers black for himself over all other colors. Although a bit shy himself, on the wedding day he opened up in front of the lens with ease and joy. His son, in white shoes, was the bearer of the rings. José’s friends were with him on the beginning of this new journey, and the synchronized brotherhood of gestures, ​​like secret languages, typical of friends united by some years, was easily perceived.

Love in Times of Pandemic

All this happened after a global pandemic that put a halt to most everything and that is now almost nearing its end. Thus, the photos will preserve a chronicle of life but, above all, a chronicle of perseverance. These pictures will speak to the generations that will be born after this terrible historical event, in which the celebration was still possible.

And as the great poet Pablo Neruda once said:

“From our love lives will be born.

In our love they will drink water.”  

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