Beach Front Wedding Venue The Courtyard Marriott Isla Verde

The Courtyard Marriott Isla Verde is one of the favorite Destination Wedding Venues for couples who love the idea of getting married Beach Front in Puerto Rico. From the beginning, Kara and Juan wanted to get married in front of the beach, so this wedding venue was a perfect choice. Everything went smooth, and they enjoyed each stage of their wedding.

Every detail truly reflected the taste of Kara and Juan. The colors of the tropical flowers they choose were reflected in the bouquet, in the bride’s crown, in the groom’s tie, and in the bridesmaids’ dresses. I loved how everything matched so well with the scenery and the beach.

The Right Beach Wedding Dresses for a Puerto Rico Beach Wedding

The bridesmaids’ wedding dresses were lightweight and flowy for the tropical weather. The dresses had a nice green and orange floral print with different necklines styles. For the photos, it’s always essential that the couple and the entourage feels and looks comfortable while they look great for this life-changing moment.

Wedding Ceremony and Photo Session

Each couple is unique, the energy, traditions, history, and personalities. It is important to choose an officiant or minister that can understand the unique connection between the couple.

An Emotional Wedding Ceremony at Courtyard Marriott Isla Verde

This ceremony was very emotional as you can see in the photos. Kara and Juan held hands during the whole service while they looked at each other with love and tenderness. I can say that during the ceremony I really could appreciate the love between them.

After the ceremony, we photographed a funny beach wedding session while the guests were waiting at the reception cocktail. We had so much fun and also gave the couple, their family, and the entourage something entertaining to destress before the reception.

A Unique Courtyard Marriott Isla Verde Wedding Reception

Kara and Juan were the souls of the wedding party reception until the end at the Courtyard Marriott Isla Verde. From the beginning, they were dancing with the guests. We could appreciate that everyone who was there had a significant meaning for them.

Kara and Juan had a beautiful vibe, and throughout the wedding, they embraced the culture of each other. We wish them the best in their marriage and above all an eternal life together!

My pleasure,


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