Choosing the Condado Vanderbilt Hotel as a Wedding Venue

Angelee and Angel decided to get married at the Condado Vanderbilt Hotel, a beautiful beachfront hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico. They got ready in one of the stunning hotel rooms with a balcony. They preferred to do everything in one place.

They wanted to enjoy the wedding from the beginning, so they had fun with their friends and family and Angie’s dog before the ceremony started. Angie and Angel are not a traditional couple. They didn’t do the first look and preferred to see each other before the ceremony in Angie’s room. Definitely the joy of the couple, family and friends was contagious.

Beachfront Wedding in San Juan

The backdrop of this wedding was a sunny day with a beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean.  I captured the emotions from the guests, from every laugh to every tear. But more importantly, the energy from the lovely couple while they looked at each other, reflected how they felt for each other.

Every minute of the ceremony drew out a range of emotions from all the guests. The couple’s hands never parted during the service, and of course, they agreed to join in marriage and be there for each other for life in good and bad.

Condado Vanderbilt Hotel Reception

After the ceremony, we proceeded with the planned photo session with the family. We walked through the beautiful areas such as the hotel’s gardens, the palm trees, and the beautiful Atlantic Ocean backdrop of venue Condado Vanderbilt Hotel to photograph the couple.

We captured the moments we wanted handling our time to not withholding the guests at the reception cocktail area.

As they met up with their friends and family at the reception hall, the first thing they did was a dance with their respective parents being one of the most emotional moments of the reception. And of course, the whole night was full of energy, dancing with awesome music, tasty drinks and crazy and candid selfies!

Star Wars Theme Wedding Reception

After dinner, Star Wars characters appeared. It was a fun and awesome surprise for Star Wars fans like Angel from Angie!

To Angie y Angel, thanks for trusting my work from the beginning. The experience was unique for my team and me. I hope there are many more special weddings like this!


Always my pleasure,