Casa America – Mountain Front View Wedding Venue

The wedding took place in the mountainous region of Puerto Rico. A week beforehand, I visited the venue with the couple in order to check out all of the spaces, angles, and lighting. The bride wanted all of the décor to add the perfect accent to the rustic cabin-like ambience of the venue. She selected her own spectacular color palette that flowed between burgundy-red roses, green leaves, and prairie grass that decorated the tables, arches, and wooden details. When I visited the venue, I was taken by the wide-angle view of the green-black mountains through which I could see the sun going down. As the sunset in front of the luxurious village, I had the undeniable feeling of being immersed in a postcard.

A Wedding Venue Inspired by Traditions

The venue’s decoration is not inspired by Creole or tropical traditions but rather boasts a combination of wood, concrete edges, and a selection of tribal and cave decorations. Each and every corner of the house is staged to give it some playful personality. It’s no surprise that with a name like Casa América, the venue embodies an anthropological and archaeological taste and aims to celebrate ancient Mesoamerican cultures. Choosing a venue that matches the couple’s aesthetic style is not only the first step in planning a wedding but perhaps the most important, too. Each and every vendor needs to be able to deliver their best so that the newlyweds’ dreams of their wedding day become a reality.

Wedding Cocktail with a Dreamy Sunset

Casa America is an undoubtedly magical place, and the promise of a spectacular sunset amongst the mountain breezes makes it perfect for nature lovers. Without a doubt, every corner of the villa provides the perfect setting to take memorable photographs.
All of the guests were extremely impressed with the venue since the moment they arrived at the wedding. The ceremony, cocktail hour and reception all went exactly as planned. For an event like this, it’s the experiences of the bride and groom and the memories that they make with their guests that take up the entire center of attention. Capturing all of this joy and making sure that the memories last a lifetime was possible thanks to the refined play of light and art characterizing the entire venue.

We are so lucky to be part of this unforgettable wedding. Glorimar & Juan definitely is a couple that will endure in time in our journey as photographers!



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