Puerto Rico Rustic-Spanish Style Wedding Venue

The Hacienda Campo Rico is a rustic venue blessed with local flora, sprawling fields of couch-grass and many stone paths. On its premises live several species of animals and plants that only magnify its beauty. Like the hacienda used in the award-winning film La casa de los espíritus, its somber Spanish colonial architecture gives off the impression that one is walking in a film. The ceremony and reception venue boast beautiful arches and high tropical ceilings where the mountain breezes can blow without hindrance. Inside, several nooks and crannies provide blue and terra cotta accents.

The building has two floors filled will tasteful pieces of wall art, lush plants that illuminate the halls, and balconies that will take you back to the nineteenth century. Without a doubt, each and every corner of the property is evocative and memorable, and its design is meant to transport you back to a time when smoke still drifted from the chimneys of the sugarcane mills.

The couple, Karla & José, are both Puerto Rican farmers and beekeepers, and they wanted a venue that reflected their shared passion for cultivating the earth. A love for the ecological and the natural is what brings them together.


First Meeting; Connection with Clients

Karla discovered our photographs through our Instagram account. When she contacted me, I was able to answer all of her questions, and she was immediately interested in what we had to offer. We met in detail so that she could tell me a bit more about herself and her husband-to-be. When she told me that they were two businesspeople who loved the rustic, bohemian, and more ancient styles, I could see that the end result would be a beautiful cross-time wedding. We photographed the getting ready, the ceremony and the reception.

A Catholic Ceremony

The ceremony was held in the San Jorge Catholic church in Santurce, Puerto Rico. Nothing could have been more romantic and appropriate for their idea of the wedding than a grand nave whose tower filters into the present from medieval times, and whose interior is lit by sparkling stained glass windows and enormous hanging lamps that accent the sanctuary’s ribbed vaults.

Cocktail Hour at Hacienda Campo Rico

After receiving the priest’s blessing, we made our way to the Hacienda. The cocktail hour was accompanied by the live instrumental music of Bomba Evolución, whose Afro-Caribbean sounds and electric guitars added an undoubtedly tropical flair to the celebration.

During the cocktail hour, the guests were able to enjoy a special surprise that the bride and groom had kept secret. Waiters began to hand out single portions of a drink put together by one of the most prestigious cocktail bars in the Caribbean, La Factoría. It was the first time that La Factoría had ever served one of its internationally recognized drinks at an event of this type.

The tables were filled with a seemingly infinite amount of local desserts, including the honey that the couple distills themselves and bite-sized dishes evoking the old customs of Puerto Rican pastry making.

Inspiring Rustic Decor – Wedding Reception

In its fullness, the country-inspired décor plays with both hard and soft, as is evident in the captivating accents of lavender-filled golden metal jugs. The long votive candles, the baskets filled with French pastry, and the play between mustard, wood, and bronze facades all added their own impressive touch. Emerald chalices branches of reclaimed wood gave the impression of a well-arranged still life painting. Without a doubt, the interiors were the work of sharp-eyed designers. As the Spanish saying goes, donde ponen el ojo ponen la bala, or wherever their eye goes, so goes the bullet!

Karla & José began their wedding reception with a first dance to the song Arullo de Estrellas by Zoé. After their first dance together as newlyweds, all of the guests joined in to celebrate with the happy couple all night long in a Hacienda whose atmosphere was teeming with a vibrant, festive air.


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