If you are looking for the right Beachfront Destination Wedding Venue on the West Coast of Puerto Rico, Casa Herdz is one of our favorite wedding venues.

The Luxury of Casa Herdz

Marinés & Victor chose the impressive Casa Herdz in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico as their wedding venue. This villa has a stunning pool and a beautiful view overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The family wedding setting was lovely to appreciate. The affection displayed between the family members always makes the ambiance great for such a special day.

Classic Bride Dress with Beautiful Lace

The bride was gorgeous, and I loved the bride’s classic dress with beautiful lace. You’ll see in the pictures how the brides beautiful eyes and smile highlighted her attire.

We choose different spots inside the Villa to photograph the groom and his family. After that, the bridesmaids and the bride came out to start the ceremony.

Casa Herdz Sunset Wedding Ceremony

The ceremony started at sunset. The scenery was enchanting! The colors between the sky, the sea, and the sunlight combined perfectly with the colors of the wedding.

The colors of the decoration were different types of blue and white. The cake was simple but perfect for the occasion. They choose a beautiful long table, where they enjoyed dinner with their family and guests with the beautiful view of the sea as a backdrop.

After the ceremony, we walked through the beautiful Casa Herdz surroundings to capture the moment in the most beautiful way possible.

It’s always a pleasure to photograph and capture a wedding in new and beautiful places like this villa. One of the main things I enjoy as a wedding photographer is capturing the unique emotions displayed by the couple.

Adventurous Life

From the first meeting, the couple and wedding planner talked to me about how Marinés & Victor enjoyed outdoor adventures. They brought a motorcycle to the wedding as a symbol of their adventurous spirit. Each couple always has something that defines their story and interests. I still love when those details are part of important moments like a wedding. Marinés & Victor enjoyed the night with their friends and family dancing and singing rock music. The live band was amazing, and they rocked all night!

I wish Marinés & Victor many beautiful moments and eternal life together! Thanks for trusting me with such memorable moments!

Always my pleasure,


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