As a Destination Wedding Photographer, one of my goals is to work consistently at Miami Wedding Venues.  For that reason, I wanted to share some of my favorite Miami Wedding Venues.

Historic Walton House one of my favorite Miami Wedding Venues

Historic Walton House, located 30 minutes south of Miami, is a place for weddings, movie recording, photo sessions, and events. Walton House is a historic place unlike any other. Its unique ambiance allows you to visualize exactly how the wedding of your dreams will be. It is ideal for nature lovers, and the English accents in the decorations are enchanting.

Entrance to one of the areas for ceremony or cocktail.

Walton House is a Paradise

This Miami wedding venue has 5 acres of gardens circled by exotic animals (flamingos, turtles, a great variety of birds, monkeys and more). There are also lagoons, waterfalls, a pool, and beautiful pathways.

Historic Walton House is a vast tropical Paradise, with areas for ceremony, cocktail, and reception. All places are interconnected and close to one another. (click on the photos for interior images).

Details about Walton House services:

Walton House Bridal Suite

The Bridal Suite is simply astonishing. In this beautiful apartment, the bride can get ready with the bridesmaids without having a separate space. The Suite has 2 levels, 2 beds, a spacious bathroom, and a private terrace. The terrace can provide an intimate photography session before the ceremony.

Walton House Wedding Packages and Offers

Price range at this beautiful place starts at $4,500 during weekdays to $7,500 on weekends. Their offers space for 50 to 200 guests. If you are delighted by Historic Walton House, you should visit and contemplate it by yourself; you will not regret it! Frank is in charge and is a very kind and diligent. Thanks to Frank for receiving me and showing me every corner of Walton House; I expect to return soon to photograph weddings in this spectacular place!

Miami Beach Woman's Club Wedding Venue in Miami.
Ball Room 28×58

Miami Beach Woman’s Club

If you are in Miami Beach and looking for an entirely different place that is rustic and elegant to celebrate your wedding, Miami Beach Woman’s Club should be at the top of your Miami wedding venues list. This venue has hallways with brick walls, rustic accents on the floors, wood ceilings, old doors, and antique lamps; I believed this to be a marvelous combination. Without hesitation, Miami Beach Woman’s Club captivated my attention immediately! The place is located near a beach and important avenues like Lincoln Road and Española Way.

Miami Beach Woman’s Club Offers – Everything In One Place

Interior spaces are well lit with natural light, which gives a harmonious touch to all areas and a natural accent to photos. This place is perfect for simultaneous activities indoor and outdoor.

Just in front of the Woman’s Club, is the Bresaro Hotel. Having the option to book reservations there is ideal for both, guests and the couple; Woman’s Club administration offers reservation services.

Their wedding packages start at $3,500 and include from 110 and 250 invitees.

Miami Beach Woman's Club Wedding Venue in Miami.
Ball Room (from the front)

Miami Beach Woman’s Services That Can Be Included In The Wedding Packages:

To see photos with the beautifully decorated spaces, click here.

Miami Beach Woman’s Customer Services

Based on the client’s experience, customer service is excellent, and staff works with you to adjust the best possible alternatives within your budget. Alison is in charge of this beautiful place; I had the opportunity to meet her, and she was diligent and assertive when answering all my questions and showing me around.

Miami Beach Woman’s Green Areas – Miami Wedding Venues

Miami Woman’s Club also has green areas in their surroundings, with Greek-style walls, vintage Windows and a very particular color combination (see photos). Besides, there is a terrace that can be used for cocktail purposes. The patio connects with the area used for the ceremony. It’s in the large hallway shown in the photos with the beautiful brick walls. At the end of the hallway, there is a small living room (or small room) with an attractive fireplace also used for the cocktail. One of the perks they offer is that event planners or couple can decorate the walls with their photos.

Miami Beach Woman’s Club – Wedding of Your Dream

There is no doubt that each space inside the Miami Beach Woman’s Club makes this a great place in Miami to make your wedding special, magic, and different. If you loved this beautiful place, you can contact Alison and request more information here.

To see more images on their social networks, click here.

Thanks, Alison for opening the Club’s doors to me. From the first moment I arrived, I was marveled with all the spaces this place offers! I hope to be there soon to photograph a beautiful wedding!

RedLand Farm Life Venue
The window of the room for the brides. In front of one of the areas for ceremonies.

RedLand Farm Life – Miami Wedding Venue

Readland Farm Life is located in Homestead, south of Miami. You will be enchanted by this Miami wedding venues. Its rustic appearance, gardens, the spacious room for the reception, the luxury bridal room, its offers, and services make this venue one of the favorites in the South of Miami.

RedLand Farm Life’s Miami Outdoor and Indoor Weddings

This venue is an extremely spacious place. It is ideally constructed in a way that allows visitors to enjoy all the details and wedding decorations. Also, there are different areas to perform the ceremony (example 1example 2). The reception area is ample, and your service/event can be performed simultaneously outdoors and indoors (click here for image).

RedLand Farm Life Miami Wedding Venue
Main entrance to RedLand Farm Life

RedLand Farm Life’s Wedding Packages and Services – South Miami Wedding Venues

The prices for this beautiful place starts at $4,500 and includes from 50 to 200 people. Redland Farm Life offers all the services you need for your beautiful wedding, such as:

These are some of the details from their extensive list of services they provide. Redland Farm Life has everything so that your wedding can be stress-free from start to finish!

RedLand Farm Life Miami Wedding Venue
Beautiful RedLand Farm Life Garden

Redland Bridal Suite

Besides offering all services and being a fantastic place, they have a bridal and bridesmaids luxury room. Each detail in its interior makes this space marvelous to prepare for your wedding day. The Bridal Suite has two levels; the first level is a welcoming area decorated with good-looking furniture. The second level has the living room, dining room, a spacious bathroom and a wood bar. Look at the photos to have a better idea of the luxury level in this suite. For more images, click here.

The Best Miami Wedding Experience at Redland Farm Life

The most critical element of your wedding day is that it is remembered as an unforgettable experience. When you enter a place that is exactly like you dreamed, it is automatically unforgettable. Ana Vina is the coordinator of this handsome place. Ana is a dynamic, guest-oriented person with great charisma. She will be delighted to receive you!

The wonderful photos don’t begin to show the beauty of this place. If you decide to visit Redland Farm Life, from the first instance, you will be able to notice all astonishing elements that will make your wedding day a perfect one.

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