Maternity Session at Home

This beautiful family wrote to me that were interested in doing a family and maternity session in the comfort of their house at Isabela, Puerto Rico… I thought the idea was super candid! The mom wanted to do the session before she got swollen. They were super relaxed and the kid was super fun and full of happiness, so the energy and the magic was there.

Color, Clothes and Style

They asked me about the colors and style of the clothes and after discussing some options the combination of white, gray, blue, black and yellow was chosen. They also loved the idea of wearing comfortable clothes… If you want to be comforting, what’s better than being in your own house running, jumping and having fun whit cozy clothes! 

Candid Shots and Chemistry

Candids shots in a photography session it’s like the trunk of a tree, these shots make the story strong and genuine. They had beautiful chemistry as you see in the pictures… this session was so meaningful for them…and of course for me too.

Enjoy the session as much as I do!


My pleasure,