Castillo Serrales as a Historical  and Elegant Family Photo Session Venue

I knew Melissa a few years ago. I was sure this family photo session would be very fancy, especially her presence would not to be unnoticed. She always has been a beautiful and chic mommy – wife. They came from Indiana, so they wanted a very special place. After showing her all the possible options, they fell in love with the historic and elegant “Museo Castillo Serrallés” in Ponce, Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico’s Climate is Great to Make a Fashion Statement in Any Family Photo Shoot

Literally, in Puerto Rico as a tropical Island, the seasons don’t change radically. So any month you can wear anything you like for the photo session. This family session was in December.

A Multiple Locations Family Photoshoot

For this session, we started at 3 pm until 5 pm.  Between this two hours, we walked to the different spots.  Melissa nursed her daughter and we took this charming photos and of course, we had fun!

Babies and the camera

People sometimes think it’s too complicated to do a photo session with babies or kids… but I think it’s just the opposite! The babies and kids are very spontaneous and when the parents have fun with them in the session, they enjoy the moment and think it’s a game.

The babies have their moments and sometimes they want to run all over the place, but that is totally natural and part of the process is to find the right moment to capture them. This beautiful baby doesn’t look like a happy and lovely girl? oh yes, but beyond her cuteness, one day when she grows up and she will have one of the best memories of their childhood with mommy and daddy!

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